eFieldConnect Field Service App

Current Version: 1.0
Platform: monday.com


You can find an overview video of eFieldConnect on YouTube.


eFieldConnect is a field service manager for businesses that have workers in the field.  It works great for HVAC, cleaning companies, lawn care, pest control, carpet cleaning, electrical, landscaping, painting, plumbing and many more trades and others that need to connect with workers in the field.


We built eFieldConnect because workers outside needed a simple way to say, “I’ve finished this job!” or “Here’s what I did today!” with just a few taps on their phone. It’s perfect for people building houses or buildings when they need to write notes or take pictures of their work. It’s also great for people who check how buildings are doing and need to write a report or for delivery drivers to know where to go next and tell when they’ve dropped off a package.



With eFieldConnect, businesses can assign monday.com tasks directly to any worker using SMS (text message) or email.  Workers do not need to have access to monday.com as eFieldConnect provides a mobile-friendly form to quickly update a task without having to log in.  Tasks can also be assigned immediately or scheduled for a later date.



As tasks are completed, workers can mark tasks as completed and eFieldConnect will update your monday.com boards to allow for additional automation and integrations.  This allows you to improve your entire back-office experience within monday.com.



eFieldConnect is highly customizable and allows you to use our form builder to quickly create forms and views for your workers to use on their mobile phones.  You can also create multiple types of forms for different types of workers or job assignments.



With eFieldConnect, you can quickly connect your field workers with your business inside of monday.com.

Setting Up eFieldConnect

In order to install eFieldConnect, you need to have an active monday.com account.  You can setup a free trial here.

Install eFieldConnect to your monday.com account

When you visit the monday.com marketplace you can proceed to install it and you will be prompted to add it to your monday.com account.

eFieldConnect Install Screenshot

Adding the eFieldConnect Boardview

Once you’ve installed eFieldConnect into your monday.com account, you can now visit any monday.com board.

eFieldConnect will utilize your main table as the basis for the groups and items to display in its view.

  1. Click on the (+) icon along the tabs of your board.
  2. Click on Apps
  3. Select eFieldConnect
Add eFieldConnect to your board

Register with Eligeo & Integrate monday.com

You will need to create an Eligeo App Portal account in order to connect our messaging, mobile task tools and workers assignment features.

eFieldConnect Registration Page

After you’ve successfully created an account, the system will ask you to integrate monday.com.  Go ahead and click on the Integrate monday.com button.

Once you’ve authorized eFieldConnect you will receive a confirmation message.

You can now close that window and return to monday.com.

If you don’t have an active subscription you can start a 14-day free trial.

eFieldConnect Overview

Overview of eFieldConnect

  1. Workers – this is where you can add workers that you can assign tasks to.  You can add an email or mobile phone number for messaging.
  2. Settings – This is where you can configure settings specific to your board.
  3. Tasks – This is a list of tasks from your main table group by the groups you’ve created on the main board.
  4. Actions – The action buttons can be used to recall and schedule tasks for workers.
  5. eStatus – These statuses are the eFieldConnect statuses.  They can be mapped to your main table in the Settings option.
  6. History – This is a history of that specific task.
  7. Worker – This is the assigned worker or a drop-down you can select a worker from to assign a job to.

Using Form Editor

eFieldConnect has a comprehensive form editor tool that can be used to customize forms that you send to your Workers.  You can have an unlimited number of forms depending on your situation.

You can access the form editor through the Eligeo App Portal or by clicking on Settings and then Form Editor.
The forms can be customized with whichever fields you’d like.  You also have the following options on each field:
  1. Editable: This allows the Worker to update the field as needed.
  2. Required: This makes a field required in order to save the task. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Simply add a Files column into your board in monday.com then you can add it to your form inside of the form editor.

Release Notes

This section details release notes for each subsequent release of eFieldConnect.

Version 1.0 – March 27, 2024

  • Email & SMS Messaging
  • Worker Dashboard & Task Manager for Mobile
  • Form Editor in Eligeo Apps Portal
  • Boardview for monday.com
  • SMS only available only for USA and Canada at this time.