eAssociation Management Software Support

Current Version: 1.0
Platform: monday.com


eAMS is an association management software solution built for organizations looking to enhance the way they manage membership. This page is support documentation to assist in helping you navigate and utilize the application. If you cannot find an answer here please feel free to reach out to our support team.

Configuring Eventbrite

In order to take advantage of the Event management tools within eAMS, you must create a free Eventbrite account.

The current version of Eventbrite supports the following integrations:

  • Creating a new event from monday.com into Eventbrite
  • Adding Attendees from Eventbrite back into monday.com.

Creating New Event

The Events board is where we create Events that we want to be generated into Eventbrite.  Follow these steps to create an Event

  1. Go to the Events board and create a new event with all required information.
  2. Set the item’s Status to Schedule.
  3. The integration runs every 30 minutes and it will identify the event and then automatically create it inside of Eventbrite.
  4. Any errors will appear in the Updates section.
  5. Once Eventbrite has created the event, the integration will automatically update the Eventbrite ID column in monday.com.
  6. Once the Event is in Eventbrite, it will appear as Unpublished in Eventbrite’s system.  You will need to go into Eventbrite and configure tickets and publish your event.

Managing Attendees

This board can be utilized to track attendees across different events scheduled inside of Eventbrite.  This could also be known as Event Registration page.
This page is meant to be populated automatically by the Eventbrite integration using the Events board.
This board works as follows:
  • Item Name: This is the name of the Event.  We use this to group it within reports.
  • Person: Left blank unless someone wants to specify a manager or event organizer
  • Status: Always Confirmed but could be used to add cancelled members if desired
  • Date: This is the Start Date as indicated on the Events board.
  • Event: This is the connected board to the events.
  • Member: This is the Member related to the attendee registration

Configuring Mailchimp

eAMS currently utilizes the out of the box integration with monday.com.

You can follow the instructions for the monday.com integration here.

Configuring eQuotes

eAMS utilizes eQuotes to create both membership proposals as well as receipts for those using the donor management features of eAMS. 
You can read about eQuotes setup and configuration here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You can use any supported monday.com integration with eAMS. You are not required to use Mailchimp. Eligeo will setup your Mailchimp connection as part of your setup and depending on your selected email marketing tool we may be able to assist with that too.
At this time, eAMS is only built to work with Eventbrite. Please let us know if there are alternative event management tools you would be interested in seeing being part of the eAMS product.
In the current version of eAMS, Eventbrite can only send back attendee information upon registration. Future versions will provide bi-directional synchronization between Events and Attendees.

Release Notes

This section details release notes for each subsequent release of eAMS.

Version 1.0 – November 1st, 2021

  • Membership Management Tools
  • Event Management & Eventbrite Integration
    • One way attendee Integration (E to M)
    • One way Eventbrite Integration (M to E)
  • Financial Management
  • Community Tools
  • eQuotes 1.0 Integration
  • Public Events Integration