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How to integrate/connect GeoQuotes with QuickBooks

In the Settings module, within the Integrations section, navigate to the QuickBooks box and click on Configure.

In the pop-up that appears (see the image below), click on Integrate to continue.

After clicking on Integrate, you will be taken to the Intuit sign-in page to enter your QuickBooks credentials.

On the sign-in page, choose the company you want to integrate with and click Next.

In the pop-up that appears (see below), after going through Intuit’s “Terms of Service and Global Privacy Statement”, click Connect.

Once connected, you will be taken to the Integrations page inside GeoQuotes where you can start the process of syncing your customers or products.

In both options, you will need to map/link the columns inside GeoQuotes with Quickbooks. All you need to do is choose the field that relates to that option (see the images below).

– Sync Customers

– Sync Products

After you’ve synced your GeoQuotes with Quickbooks, the system will only accept Quickbooks’ tax information. You should make sure that all your information inside Quickbooks is updated to reflect all the taxes you need to use.

If you have any questions, feel free to send us a message by clicking here. Our support team is always ready to help!

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